Holiday Blog 10th January 2011

I am not coming back to work until next Monday, but I thought you might be missing me. Gee, Christmas is fun. I got lots of presents and of course Christmas dinner. Because there were so many people coming and going, I have had to help with the clean up and I am getting very good at it.  Tim and Polly show me how.

Mum got a chook tractor for her present (photo coming) and it was so funny because the two little black chooks that came with it, don’t like being in there. They are called Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth because they don’t like working.  They are now living in the pool area and seem to love it.  Mum says they look like they have “cozzies” on, so it is a perfect place for them.  

I must confess, I love looking at them.  They look completely different to real chooks and I did sniff them which made them mad.

By and large I have been a very good boy.  I did not go in the flood waters when Mum took us all for a look at all the water and at Quinlans Mum showed me how to just sit on the edge and look at it.     Mum drove through the water too fast and her number plate came off. She seemed a little flustered after that.  She said she was silly. I cannot imagine Mum being flustered, but there you go.  

I helped plant all the bush tucker food at Quinlans and Mum says when I am really big like Dane, that it will be making lots of yummy food. She said I will be teaching a new puppy how to be good when I am twelve. 
I got my teeth and there seem to be even bigger ones coming along the sides.  I will show you when I get back.   Back to holidays, see you soon!