Friday 5th November 2010

I am not going into the office today, Mum says I have been too busy and need a rest.  Last night I got put to bed early as usual because there were a lot of yukky things called “canetoads” running around the garden. Mum says they are very dangerous.   She always wanders around at night with a torch picking them up and putting them in the fridge, so they can go to sleep peacefully, but they keep coming back.   I am absolutely not allowed to touch them.  Tim, Polly and Dane know that already because she taught them properly.  I don’t think I have quite mastered it yet, but I am sure I will.

Tim, Polly and Mum went for a walk early this morning.  I had to stay home and look after Dane.  He isn’t allowed to go anymore because he has sore legs (I think he is old), but he is a great playmate and yesterday when it was raining, well he let me snuggle up to him so I wasn’t cold.  He can play tug of war too which is terrific.