8th February 2011

In a couple of days Mum and I are going to Quinlans. This is the first time I will have been there since the floods. We might have to walk up to the house because the road we normally travel on is all washed out. I won’t mind that at all, but everyone will have to carry all our food up a long drive-way.

Over the summer I have been helping Mum plant trees at our place, and guess what, we are going to be doing that at Quinlans. I know how to do that – I am very good at carrying the empty pots once the trees have gone into the ground. I did actually take one tree out of the ground. Mum said I am not allowed to do that but gee they come out easily.  Don’t tell anyone, but yesterday when I was left at home with my family (I didn’t go to work), I chewed Mum’s Garden hat – just the big flower of it. She told me she knew I would do something naughty. How do Mum’s know that stuff I wonder.