8th April 2011

I have been at Quinlans this week with Mum because she is getting ready for a big lunch there next week. I helped build the new shower block with Ian (I am going to post photos later today) and he invited me (and Mum) to have dinner at his house. He has a B&B where people can have a bath with a fire under it right on the side of a mountain. He loves dogs and his dog, Bear is old like my Grandpa Dane. I had to be very good and not be too rough with him.

I swam in the billabong at Quinlans for the first time. I am very brave because it was quite deep water. Mum says I am big enough to do that now, even when it is flowing quite hard. She says I have learnt from the floods and how dangerous it can be.
I will be going to the lunch and if you want to go, you will have to be quick. There will be Bush Tucker and lots of lovely people.

It is getting cold at Quinlans now, the summer is going away and I think winter is coming because my coat is getting a little furrier.

Have a great weekend.