5th November 2015


OK - I know he looks cute.   Everyone says so, but honestly if you saw him chasing the chickens around our garden you would ABSOLUTELY be shocked at his behaviour.

When I was little I used to listen to Mum when she said "no Mr. Darcy", but truly, Charlie; well he is so naughty.

It just shows that it takes a lot to train a dog not to run after things.

Miss Bennett seems to be on top of it all and he really listens to her when she says No - in a dog way.  I just sit back because I am now the elder of the group and of course I have so much to do to help Save the Koala.

Mum said Charlie will get the hang of it all and the chicken seems to even enjoy being with Charlie - he has not hurt one of them so don't worry about them.  I know this is like "dobbing" on a friend.    I don't think I would about a friend, but Charlie is like a naughty little brother so I feel I can share my feelings with you.

So Mum is very excited because she has written a book (coming soon), and the Koala Army is in full swing - have you written to the Prime Minister?


Over and out -  Corporal Darcy (that is my rank).  


PS. I think Charlie will stay a Private at this rate!