3rd October 2011

Mum and I are going to Quinlans. Lots to do. We are putting in water tanks so that we can wash up at Quinlandia and also the showers should be operational by Wednesday. Remember me helping in the sandpit, well that is a shower block now. I helped build that and it looks fantastic.

Mum said I have been living with her and our family for nearly a year now. 18th October is when Mum found me and boy am I glad I got to live with her and get to play at places like Quinlans.

I have been pretty good. There is a Scrub Turkey called Reg and he has built a huge mound at our place. It is all very messy and he is making that so a lady Scrub Turkey can lay her eggs. Well, they are really good to chase, because they sort of run like the Road Runner but Mum says I have to stop that. It is very difficult, but I am trying very hard. Anyway boy Scrub Turkeys take care of the eggs and Mum thinks that is fantastic. A lot of people don't like birds like Reg, because they scratch up your garden, but we love it. Everything is welcome here.

I will let you know what I see at Quinlans.