3rd August 2015

Well hello, and guess what... this Maremma dog looks EXACTLY like Miss Bennett.

Well, Miss Bennett isn’t actually all Maremma, her mother was a Golden Retriever (like me!) and her Dad was a HUGE Maremma.

Sometimes people can be scared of dogs like Miss Bennett, but gosh they do a great job looking after things.

Mum says Miss Bennett loves to stay home (which is sort of good because I get to go to Quinlans) and if you could see how she tells Charlie off when he is naughty – you can see why this fabulous breed is going to help save Australia’s wildlife – just like me.

Now, have you organised raising money for Save the Koala Month?   Perhaps you can get your dog to raise some funds – have a puppy party and send photos to me.  I would love to see them.

Mr. Darcy