31st October 2012

Quinlan’s.  Well, you know I love Quinlan’s and even though I am still a little bit scared, I want to tell you a story.  You have to promise that after I tell you, that you will still love Quinlan’s because snakes mustn’t make us too scared, we all have to be brave.  

Well, Mum and I went to Quinlan’s the other day because Jono, Banjo and Dylan are all there making Quinlan’s even more beautiful, and Mum and I got to stay there two whole nights.

It was such a busy day on the Monday that Mum and I cooked our tea on the fire as usual.  I shared Mum’s dinner when she was finished and then we lay down on the grass watching the stars.  I wanted to go to bed, but I thought it was best to sit with Mum, and of course, after I laid down I really enjoyed looking up.  It was very dark and the stars were very bright.   When you live in a City you cannot see the stars as clearly as in the bush.

Anyway, I have a blanket, and I often get that and go to bed even if Mum is still up and Mum stays awake. LUCKILY I waited on that Monday night because, guess what? There were two big snakes all rolled up together in the kitchen.   Mum said they were HUGEEEEEEE and also DANGEROOOOUUUUUUSSSSS!

They were mating, like Mr. and Mrs Reg from my previous Diary, because it’s spring time, LUCKILY they didn’t take any notice of Mum when she had to walk past them so she could open the kitchen door.

Mum thinks they have been in the house for a while, poor things.

So then Mum, who I think was very brave, barricaded us in the bedroom so that we could sleep soundly and Mum said the next morning that I wasn’t allowed to go outside until she said the “all clear”.

Phew!   All clear and it looked like they went outside because Mum said she didn’t want any baby snakes born in the house.   Well, I agree with that, that’s for sure.

Al, from Dreamworld (a sponsor of the Australian Koala Foundation), said that Quinlans has a lot of dangerous snakes so we all have to be very careful.   And I was.


So that wasn’t too bad was it? 

Mum said everything will calm down in a few weeks when the baby snakes will be born, and that is the way Nature intended it.