30th May 2011

My Grandpa died on Friday. I don’t really know what that means, but he is just gone. Mum said he has gone somewhere where everyone is happy and there are lots of koalas and other animals. Tim has slept on Dane’s bed since he left. That is the bed right next to me. When I was little Dane used to keep me and Tim apart because Tim and Polly didn’t really like me much. Remember that? Well, that isn’t true anymore and this morning Tim even let me play with him because I used to play with Dane first thing when I got up before breakfast.

I went to the Vet with Dane and Mum and our friend Jayne. She was very kind to Mum who seemed very sad. That made me sad, so I am sitting beside her a lot. I think she likes that, well I know she loves that. I am her best friend.