30th August 2012

Yesterday I gave a paper at a famous Zoo Conference and I told everyone about how I write for PETS Magazine and that I have a Blog and that I write about being a good boy and never chase wildlife and that I am very special and that I think I am really cool.    Oh dear, I think my little ego is getting a little out of control.  That isn't actually quite true, it was actually Mum who gave the presentation and she was telling people that she thinks that having responsible dogs is a good thing and that I have played a very special part in educating people about what to do with their puppies as they grow - like me.    I was sort of  there though.  I had my photo in "what it takes to save koalas" section of Mum's paper.   She said everyone there was really lovely and tonight we have to have a babysitter because she is going to a big dinner (with lots of beautiful scraps I reckon) and I won't see her until tomorrow.    It is also Save the Koala Month coming up and everyone in the whole world is going to be raising money for koalas - whooppeeee, click here to find out more.