2nd February 2011

This has been a very busy week. I attended lots of meetings in the Board room. Apparently there are some really important documents being written for some sort of Inquiry into the koalas and why they are disappearing. I got a little bored of listening to it all and went to sleep a couple of times and then we had dinner. That was great and of course I got to help to clean up. Walking through the city at night time with Mum was really fun too. So different from where I live in the bush. You don't see many dogs - only dogs like me who are helping people who cannot see. They are very clever dogs. . They are not allowed to talk to me. Mum said I could have been one of those dogs. There are lots of birds - all the same in the city too. Yesterday at lunchtime Mum and I watched hundreds of them. They are called pigeons, not as pretty as the ones at my house which are white and yellow and pink and grey and even ones that sound like they are laughing. I think this document Mum and the team are writing is pretty important. Read Mum's Diary if you want to.