28th April 2011

Did you know that chocolate is really bad for dogs?. Mum had little kids over at Easter time and they were not allowed to give me chocolate, but we had lots of bones instead. I think they taste better and of course you can always dig them in the ground for later. I got into terrible trouble over the Easter break. I found a hole in the fence and worried Mum a lot because I went missing. Polly was really worried about me so she "dobbed" on me to Mum and showed her where the hole in the fence was. Gosh Mum can be scary when you come back through the fence in the dark and she is there screaming at you. I don't hear the words " NAUGHTY BOY" very often. Usually it is a lovely Hello Mr. Darcy. I think I prefer the latter so don't think I want to do that again. Anyway I can't because I had to carry the fencing wire to patch it up. I enjoyed doing that, so there was some fun at the end of it all. Mum says I am behaving like a naughty teenager, so I guess that means I am growing up. I am nearly as big as Polly, but not Dane, my Grandpa who I love very much. Quinlans lunch went very well. I actually did not get invited to the actual lunch but helped Raechel and Mum get ready for it. Everyone loved it.