26th September 2012

Save the Koala Month is nearly over and boy have I been busy.   Sending out donation boxes, getting ticks (I had 7 one day) and watching a bird that lives at our place make a HuuuuGGGGGeeeee nest.   We call him Mr. Reg and there is a Miss Reg.  Mum said they want to get married and he has to build a HUUUUUGGGGEEEE nest to make her marry him and have babies.   I spend a lot of my time watching him because he is a bit of a temptation for me to chase.  I haven't, I promise, but he sort of runs around like a turkey (I think he is a Bush Turkey come to think of it) and he spends hours and hours and hours making this huge pile of sticks and nests (photo).   I don't know, but some people just don't like having those sort of birds around.   Mum hasn't yelled at him at all even though he dug up a whole lot of plants that she planted.  She just thinks he is lovely and every morning Mum and I watch him being nice to Miss Reg.  I will let you know when she lays her eggs.  That is the next step apparently.   Dogs don't lay eggs - not sure what we do because I have been to the Vet.   Get your donation box - we need all the help we can for the Koalas.