26th September 2011

My Vet says I have to stay quiet for nearly a month and guess what, that is really, really hard. I want to play with Tim and Polly and go to Quinlans and play with Mum, but I have to stay quiet, because sometimes ticks can make you sick, even when you are home. Mum says I am getting better and she even took me for a quick swim in the salt water the other day. That made my nasty tick bites feel better, because there is still a big hole in my side. I am happier though and when I am watching TV I can play with Bob, a gorgeous cat. I love playing with him and he lets me sit on him. Even though I am much bigger than him, I am very gentle and he loves it. The other cat Beau, thinks he is too good to play with me. I have heard cats can be a bit like that.