25the September 2015

Happy Save The Koala Day everyone!

Mum said she was off to visit some Koalas at Lone Pine to celebrate. She gave me a stern look on the way out because I snapped at Charlie. 

I've decided I'll be good today, because it really means a lot to Mum. And I have to teach Charlie to be kind to all animals (including other Dogs), and especially Koalas.

I was actually watching a Cobra versus a Meerkat last night, and gosh it was scary! Mum says it was on the TV, but it looked real to me.

I know all about snakes from Quinlans, and from that time that big one tried to hurt Charlie when he was little. That was very very scary (don't tell Charlie I was scared) and Mum said we've all got to look after eachother. 

Every single animal is important, and we must remember that today.


Mr Darcy.