25th May 2015

Guess where I have been?    Oh my goodness it was so much fun and I even took Charlie.

There is this really nice guy called Neil who slashes our front paddock and Mum let me run ahead of the car (Charlie wasn't allowed by the way because it can be DANGEROUS) and it had just been mowed so I was able to run and jump with JOY!



Quinlans is so beautiful.   We saw an Azure Kingfisher, Black Cockatoos and a big black bird fishing in our Billabong - I don't know what that one was actually.   Mum said she will tell me soon.

Anyway we are getting ready for Dr. John's Memorial (that means a sacred place to remember someone) and I helped scope it out with Ian and Mum.  It will be a fantastic place to sit and reflect (that means thinking about by the way) on all things about nature and where we can help.

I know where I help.  I educate so many dogs around the world about being a good dog.  I am truly a good dog - Mum said so.  She tells me all the time.   She said I have gone from being a puppy to being a leader.  Charlie is the puppy in our family now.

See you soon and don't forget to join the Koala Army...  We need you.

Love, Darcy