25th May 2011

Mum says I am thinking that I am famous because I have been filmed for a French documentary on koalas. I was really good and smiled for the camera. Me, Tim, Polly and Dane had to pretend (that is being an actor) that we were going to bed, so people could see dogs really can be good and go to bed when it is dark and not get up to naughty things. But it was day time! And it was just pretend! So much fun. I had to walk around the paddocks with Mum (Polly did that too) but Dane and Tim said no, because they have done it all before. They just watched. Olivia was lovely to me. She loves animals and goes all around the world talking about them. That was more fun than meetings. Mum has to have them all the time. JM said I look more like a puppy at home. He saw me playing with the broom while Mum was sweeping but I am not allowed to actually touch the broom, just pretend to. That is being an actor too I suppose.