24th March 2015

Charlie has been going places with Mum and I have been left behind.   Gee, the whole problem with leadership is that you get so much responsibility.    Mum said because I am a big dog now I have to be a great leader to Miss Bennett and Charlie, but I think it can get quite boring.

Charlie playing with his friends Bandi and Buster


I have a feeling Charlie went to Quinlans without me actually.   Not sure, but you sort of get a feeling about such things when he comes home smelling of the bush.


Mum found this old photo of me and Miss Bennett and now I do the night shift for Charlie and Miss Bennett looks after him during the day.   He is a good little pup, very smart from what I hear from the humans around, but I think he can just be plain annoying.

So, I am going to get on with things and it is time for Golden Retrievers to unite.  All of us, to save the Koala.

If leadership is needed, then I am ready!

Join the Koala Army


Corporal Darcy