23rd June 2015

Mum tells me I am a really good dog, and that I am a role model for Charlie (he needs one) and for all other dogs in Australia. This is because I know to never ever hurt a Koala, or any other wildlife.

Mum also tells me that there are lots of dogs out there that hurt Koalas all the time. 

Some of these dogs that hurt Koalas have Mums and Dads like me and Charlie and Miss Bennett, but lots of them are 'wild'. This means they don't have a warm bed to sleep in like I do, or a Mum to look after them like I do. Even worse, Mum told me there is one dog in particular that is KILLING lots of Koalas in Brisbane. Scary!!

Although what they do is really bad, I feel sorry for these wild dogs, and it's even worse because they don't have anyone to show them how to act around Koalas and other animals. Mum has taught me 'respect', which means leaving Koalas alone even though they look like they would be fun to play with.

Mum got a newsletter from her friends at Koala Action Group, and in that newsletter it gave some great advice about dogs and Koalas. Well done to them!! They think the same way as me and Mum. I hope if you're reading this and you have a dog then you'll learn something too. Read more here.