23rd July 2012

 OK Mum is back and she told me that I am going to be very very busy over the next couple of months and guess what I will be two years old in October. She said I am starting to look like a DOG, not a PUPPY. I still feel like a puppy and I still tear up teddies, but not quite as many as I usually do when Mum is away.  

I learnt a whole lot of new tricks from my newest friends Hannah and Nick. They taught me how to play with a tennis ball and guess what, Mum doesn’t know the difference between a tennis ball and a teddy. She is so silly. I know the difference and can get exactly what she asks for now. Teddy, Ball, Stick – three words and I know them all.

Now, I am also going to become Corporal Darcy in the Koala Army so watch out for me and Urban asking you to help the Koalas while we wage peace for the protection of koala habitat. Mum said that being a little boy I couldn’t have such an important job, but nearly being two, well I am ready. Corporal Darcy – don’t you love that!  

Mum also showed me my photo in the latest PETS magazine – gosh I look handsome.