20th July 2011

Yesterday, I found a dead duck and Mum is hoping it isn't Mr or Mrs Duck who are having babies. Because I am such a good Golden Retriever, I brought it to my friend Jayne's place and thank goodness she believed me that it wasn't me that killed it. She doesn't know why it died and Mum hasn't had time to look at the nest to see what is going on there, so there is a little bit of confusion going on about all this.

I don't want to dob (tell on) but when Tim was little, apparently he did "kill" (isn't that a terrible word) a little duck so Mum is a little worried that it could be Tim that might have done it. He doesn't look guilty so that is a good thing. Perhaps Mr or Mrs Duck just died of natural causes, because Jayne saw it and she said it looked very peaceful. So, I had to tell you the horrible story and Mum said sometimes people don't like to tell when their dog has killed a koala or anything else on their land because they feel guilty. I feel guilty and I didn't do anything.

Another thing, Mum isn't very good at fixing up that hole or better still, I am very good at unfixing it - shhsshhh...