1st March 2012

Gosh what a busy day today. I am in the office rearing to go and guess what – there are a whole lot of people I HAVE NEVER MET BEFORE!!  Rose is here and I love Rose. She always has treats for me and Mum and I just went to the park and I was a “good boy”.                                           

You know Frank, well he has just fitted in with our team at home and sometimes he gets a little bossy. Can you imagine a “cat” getting bossy but he does. I think it is because he cannot go outside like me and play. I sometimes sit with him outside while he is in our cat enclosure but I think I would miss being out and about. Mum said cats cannot be trained like me not to kill things. 

Speaking of that, Mum said I was an incredibly good boy at Quinlan’s this week. Mum and I went there and we had to wade through the water and a big goanna was caught in a fence. Mum and two other ladies (that might help the koalas) sorted him out and he jumped onto a tree. I was a little naughty because I thought about chasing him, but Mum said NO and I listen. Mum said I am a bit of a teenager right now thinking I am a little too big for my boots. Maybe.

There have been some really good (sometimes boring) meetings today. Some man didn’t help to protect the koala and Mum said it is time for all of us, including dogs to understand how serious things are for the koala. I know that – and I am going to be writing a “blog” for PETS Magazine this year. I haven’t told Tim and Polly – they will think I have a swollen head.