19th November 2013

I know, I know, I haven’t been writing much fun stuff lately because, well, it has just been busy.    Christmas is coming and I think I wrote to everyone about getting Dog Tags for Xmas – yes, I know I did that but there is so much other stuff going on, it is just ridiculous.  As Mum says “where has this year gone?”


I am 3 now and Mum, and everyone says I am really handsome.  I haven’t been to the office lately because I have to look after Miss Bennett.  She is a very bossy person and her birthday is coming up soon.  She will be 1 year old in December.  She thinks she is nearly 100 I think because she tries to boss me around.


Mum makes her do everything last.  Tim goes first, Polly second, me third and then Miss Bennett absolutely last.   Sometimes she tries to push in on me and I get shocked by that behaviour. She even has a bit of a bad influence on me because I think I told you that I chased a magpie, which is so unlike me, but she made me do it, she really did, because she chased a scrub turkey (and they are fun to chase I must confess).

Anyway she is getting the hang of it all and this spring we have had new bird species in our paddock. An Emerald Dove and a Sacred Kingfisher which is so exciting.  The Sacred Kingfisher babies cry all the time for their Mum which is a bit sad. Luckily I have my Mum everyday so I don’t have to cry.


I have also been watching a fair bit of TV – not during the daytime, but at night time, we are all allowed in and I still have the best spot next to Mum and we watch documentaries. Sometimes Mum is on them which is really confusing because she is sitting next to me but you know some of those shows are really scary. The other night this huge thing jumped out of the water and ate a big animal. Mum didn’t look frightened when I looked over, but honestly it nearly came through the TV set. I don’t think we have those things at our home and not even at Quinlans. I love watching TV and Mum says “Mr. Darcy, you really are funny!”. Am I funny?


I think I might be….don’t forget to think of the Koalas at Xmas time.