19th July 2017

Hi Koala lovers,

I am not sure if you know but I have a donkey sister and she is getting ready for Save the Koala Month.

In September we all have to pitch in and send out LOADS OF BOXES with lots of Donation boxes so that you can help Mum save the Koala.

Lulu loves playing with cardboard boxes but I told her, this is SERIOUS.  You have to really knuckle down and think about the problems facing the Koala.

Did you know that the Australian Koala Foundation does not take one Government dollar (not sure what that means), but I think it means if you think Mum and her team are doing a good job, that you can help.  Why not have some fun and do some things at work to raise money for the Koalas?

Wish I could come and see you, or hey gee, why not get your dogs to have a party for the Koala; tell them I said so!  You could remind them, they have to go to bed early so that we do not hurt wildlife.  Don't forget to tell them that. 

Over and out as Urban would say.