18th March 2013

Mum said I am very clever because I am teaching Miss Bennett everything I know and that means I am very smart. Mum said that, not me!

Yesterday 3 big cockatoos came into our backyard and I “told” Miss Bennett to just sit quietly and watch them. I can’t say things like “that’s Mummy’s Mr. Darcy”, which is what Mum used to say to me, but I just sort of sat there with her and she got what I meant. I am very proud of myself. Maybe I am a dog whisperer?


Mum said I was also very good to Miss Bennett when she tried to take an empty yoghurt container off my older brother Tim. That is Tim’s job; clearing out the yoghurt tubs.  He has had that job since  I was born and even before.  Anyway Miss Bennett thinks she sort of wants everything in the whole world and she went up to Tim and said “give that to me”.  She looks so pretty and sort of smiles when she says it, but you know it wasn’t good.  She sort of blaps when she does it too. Not really a bark like me, but a “blap”. Anyway she sure was in for trouble, so I decided to get her a Teddy to play with to take her mind off the whole thing which it did. Phew – it could have been bad! Dane, my Grandpa used to do that to me when I upset Tim, so there you go. I think I still miss Dane – Mum does too, but she says I remind her of him. Isn’t that nice?