18th January 2012

Happy New Year! Thank you for my Christmas cards. Mum read them to me and there is now a new sign on the office door because I am not really a puppy anymore. Thank you Peter! You always remember me. I am going to be 2 this year and it is good that I am growing up because the koalas are really going to need me if what Mum says is right. We are all very busy at the moment planning our year. Lots of talking and writing things. Some of those meetings get a little boring for me, but they are very important. Mum isn't at home much anymore and we all really miss her. Even though I don't like to start on a sad note, but Bob, one of our cats, died from renal failure. Mum said koalas get that too, so that is another thing I have learnt. Beau was so sad that we had to get him a new friend. No-one likes to be alone. His name is Frank and he is gorgeous, even though I only get to see him through his Catmax enclosure. Our cats are not allowed out like me. I am not sure I would like to stay inside all the time, but they seem to love it. More soon.