17th November 2015


Hi everyone,

Guess what! Charlie is 1 - can you believe it.  I found him writing (yes writing) to his birth mother, Gidget. Turns out I've been teaching him more than just how to be kind to wildlife!

Thank goodness he did not call her Mum.  Because our Mum is Mum and better still she is the Koala Woman and guess what - she mentioned me on page 25 of her latest book - Koala Stories. I was her inspiration she said.

Anyway, Look what Charlie wrote:


"Hello Gidget (I have to call my Mum, Mum, sorry!), Yes, I am a big boy.  The photo below is me with Miss Bennett just laying around after chasing chooks (oops don't tell Mr. Darcy) and hanging in the horse trough.  You have to do that when you are HOOOOOTTTT  - I get hot and then I have to breathe a lot.

I still talk a LOOTTT too.  

Especially when it is LUNCH time.  I love LUNCH.

I have been shaved because Mum said that there are just too many ticks; but as you can see my head looks a little large on my body right now.

Tell my brothers and sisters I don't really miss them because I have so many people to play with here (especially the cats) but I hope they love their families too.

Thanks for thinking of me.