16th February 2015

You know, Mum says that I am just a little, well, maybe a lot, just a little bit, teensy weensy bit JEALOUS of my new brother Charlie.

Everyone says he is so cute...


... so adorable, so beautiful.


I remember when I was that cute...



... and now they are even saying Charlie is SO BRAVE!

For those of you who are scared of SNAKES – you had better close your eyes while you read this because Charlie had a huge fight with a snake.    And it was a big snake.  He was just SCREAMING and Miss Bennett and I did not really know what to do because, well, it was a big snake and he was SCREAMING and then Mum came out and well, you would not believe it, she pulled that snake off Charlie and then sent him flying through the air.  

Phew, it was just incredible.

Mum said that snake had a chance because she had him taken away from our house in the morning, but he CAME BACK.

So he has now gone a long, long way away.  Mum said he was too beautiful to have him “destroyed”.  I don’t know what that means, but anyway Mum said he is living happily on a mountain a long way away from our house.

So back to Charlie, he was brave, but you know he does not know a thing about the Koala Protection Act , is not a member of the Koala Army and I suppose I will just have to teach him everything like I do when I write to you.

Charlie is a Golden Retriever like me and Mum said she is thinking of writing to every Golden Retriever in the whole world to get them to help me fight for the Koala.    Maybe I should write to them!

That is a good idea….