16th February 2011

I am off to the Vet today, having an operation. Mum says it will keep me being a boy that doesn't chase girls. Why would I do that when I have Mum? I love her and gosh we had a great time at Quinlans. I was very busy and helped Raechel, Craig and Paulette set up a new kitchen. I spent a lot of time in the sandpit organizing all the sand for the concrete. A very important job and when it rained in the Billabong, I had to try and catch all the rain drops. That is a very big job and it took me hours. They seem to disappear as quickly as they came down from the sky. We had to walk all the time ,because the road has been flooded, but we loved it. Mum and I would go down each morning and night looking for platypus and Mr. and Mrs. Greentree Frog, as always were on the back verandah. I passed my first kangaoor (or was it a wallaby) test. I heard boing, boing, boing and there they were. When I don't know what something is, I usually sit down and think about it a while so it was great for Mum to teach me that I just have to look at them, not run after them and scare them. Gee they are really cool. Those laughing birds were there again. Think I am staying at home for a couple of days. Mum says I might not feel very well.


me in the sandpit