16th December 2015


At last it is holidays.

Mum has been talking about this for ABSOLUTELY AGES and now we get to spend time with Mum, not just at Quinlans, but at home.

Mum said EVERYONE in our family is getting a new collar.  

I am allowed to choose mine.  Either Red, Black or Blue. I am thinking Blue, but I will let you know.  

Mum said it is time for a new photos on the website because I am not a puppy anymore so you can see in the New Year what I choose.   We are going back to work on 4th January 2016.

I am Corporal Darcy and in 2016 I have a lot of work to do – to write to every dog in the world to ask them to help Mum with a Koala Protection Act.

Get your dog to join – cats too are welcome. My cat brothers are only Privates though. You just cannot let cats think they are too important – they have to remember that their wild cousins eat MILLIONS OF MARSUPIALS IN THE BUSH.  

All years have their troubles and this year, my challenge has been to be patient with Charlie.    He still chases chooks (chickens).   Mum said he will grow out of it – hope so.


Merry Christmas.

Love Mr Darcy