16th August 2012

Board meeting today, so I am very busy.  It is our busiest time of the year.  I just  had to go out for a quick walk and met some lovely girls from John Paul College who just thought I was adorable.  They were the Blue Team on an Amazing Race around Brisbane.  Mum says that is sometimes on TV, but I think this was a School one.  Mum has talked at John Paul College in the past. They love koalas. ( I have been on TV too).  Save the Koala Month is coming up and everyone is busily packing boxes so that all of you can help raise money for the koalas.  I have been carrying pieces of paper around the office today.   Rose, (I love Rose), says that I have been very useful and I going to have a quick rest before I do much more.   Believe it or not, I have had two ticks in the last two days, but I feel completely well.  Mum said I had to come to the office today because I need to be supervised. Supervised, and me nearly two!   Do you remember when I was little?  Just a reminder of my baby photo.  I hadn't even met Mum then - I can't ever imagine not knowing Mum.    Get a box to donate.  I will personally pack it for you. Do you remember when I was little?