13th July 2011

Mum and I saw Mr and Mrs Duck living in a big hollow near our place and Mum explained that when their babies hatch they will jump out of the hollow and fly down like parachutes. Gosh wouldn't that be fun. OK - so much to tell you. I have been at Quinlans and it was freezing overnight. Mum and I went to bed early because it was so cold and we don't really have any heating there yet. We made a fire and had bacon and eggs (yum) and it was very dark. You know the noises at Quinlans at night are a little scary and I decided that I had better sit really close to Mum to protect her. Maybe it was Bunyips, but gee there was a lot of noises that I never hear at home. Raechel, Mum and I had lots of boring meetings and then guess what - we went to a new section of Quinlans and look at me! Don't I look HUGE now. Raechel said I had grown a LOT (click on the little picture below to see the BIG ONES!). P.S. Don't tell Mum, but I can still fit through that hole in the fence and the pool next door to our house is a lot cleaner than the Quinlans Billabong. Shhssshh.

Mr Darcy in the billabong Mr Darcy in the Billabong Mr Darcy running