12th July 2011

Mum is back. Whooppeeee. She thinks I have grown into a bigger boy and except for a bit of unsupervised gardening, I have been a really good.

Since my Grandpa went away, Tim and Polly have been much nicer to me and Mum says that Tim, my older brother looks like he is going to become a really good leader of our pack. He is a bit shy, so Mum always thought that he wouldn’t, but I think he might have just have loved Dane the Great so much that he didn’t bother. Tim seems to be bigger too and Mum said that is what happens to koala boys when they become an Alpha Koala in their colony, so we have lots in common with koalas. Isn’t that cool? That is an American word. Mum has been in America.

Mum said she had missed us all terribly, but that Dottie Dog, a friend of hers in Washington DC made her very welcome and let her play with her. Wasn’t that nice of Dottie? She has spots all over her. I suppose that is why she is called Dottie.