12th February 2014

Hello everyone,

You know Mum says that being a vegetarian would be really good for the planet, but that it is very difficult to give up eating meat. Because I am a dog, then being a vegetarian does have some limited options, but guess what, I LOVE MANGO. We have a Mango tree at home and Miss Bennett (she appears to be a vego (that is Australian for vegetarian) was eating them all the time. So we both had them this morning. The cockatoos had already eaten a little bit of mine but that was OK, they are really lovely birds that live in our house too. So, every bit helps. I didn't go without my meat today, but maybe you could have a vegetarian day every now and again. Fruit and vegies (that is Australian for vegetables) are great. Do you like my smile? Miss Bennett only smiles at Mum, not at the camera. Mum said I am a media hog. Hmmm.   Not sure what that means, but she sounded lovely when she said it because she was laughing.