12th December 2011

Mum is going on holidays soon and I don’t think I am going with her.  Life will be busy though because we have people who come and go and look after all of us which is just great and the time will go quickly.  Mum says it has been a very busy year, with me being sick and the koalas needing so much help. Thank you to everyone who loves me and next year we will have some exciting news for you all. It looks like I might be promoted to a new position but it is a secret and I cannot tell you anything.  Tim and Polly don’t even know. Mum says now I am such a big boy and that I have so much energy it is time for me to be put to work.

Please make sure that your animal friends are taken care of over Xmas like we are because we bring so much joy into your lives. Merry Christmas! Oh I forgot guess what – look what we found a neighbour’s yard on Saturday (photos below) – we have called her Maxine after the lady who knows Mum.  So exciting isn’t it?