11th August 2014

Quinlans was just fantastic and I got to meet the family of Peter and Julanne who gave it to the Koalas.

I was a fantastic at helping clear up after all the meals and there were 7 little kids that I could play with for two whole days.


Ian, who looks after Quinlans has a dog called Bandy and Ian said we could play for lots of the time but I still got time to help with Quinnie, an old car being taken away to be restored.  That is a big word isn’t it? It means getting fixed up and then it will have a Quinlans sign on the door so that everyone in the whole WORLD will know about me and Quinlans.


No, I am not too big for my boots. I am getting quite a responsible boy now. Mum said I am looking older and wiser. She just said that everyone at AKF needs to have more support because there is a big “Operation” coming. I heard lots of talk with that word. She said that a new law is coming to help the Koala. Not soon enough for me!


Save the Koala Month next month.


Over and out!  

That is Koala Army talk, 

Love Corporal Darcy.