10th October 2011

Hello Catherine. Mum said you have sent me a present because I have been sick. Thank you so much. As you can see I am better today but Mum says I have to be checked 3 times a day! I haven't seen my present yet because Mum is going to leave it at the office so it keeps longer. You know I tend to get a bit rough with some of my teddies at home and I hear it is a beautiful duck. And it QUACKS. That will keep everyone on their toes at the office. Quinlans was just fantastic. We are building a Cob Oven that will cook yummy food. I love yummy food and while I was resting at Quinlans Mum said I grew - and my neck grew one whole notch on my collar. Rockcote are donating this new oven to us and are coming on the 21st October with all their staff (twenty of them) and I will be there to supervise. I organised all the sand in readiness and my friend Ian is sorting out washing up water in our new bush kitchen using three lovely blue garbage bins. I saw Mrs. Wallaby and her baby and I promise I didn't run after her.