10th May 2011

You know that hole in the fence I told you about. Well, Mum didn't do a really good job fixing that because I have been visiting the dog next door again. She is really beautiful and I love going to play with her. Mum didn't yell at me today, she just said very quietly "soon, you will be too big to get through that hole". Mum is so clever isn't she, to know stuff like that. And she fixed it (again). I was supposed to come to work today, but, well, I was so wet from swimming in the creek, I was allowed to stay home. Now to wild dogs. Did you know that they can really hurt people, animals and even koalas. Mum said she thinks they might be hurting koalas far more than she originally thought and a man is going to say all that in Canberra next week. Mum is going away too because she has to tell people a lot about what is happening to the koalas. I help her do that too. Here is a picture of me and my Grandpa "watching TV".

Mr Darcy and Dane