Meet The Quinlan's Team

Like all great leaders, Deborah (AKF CEO), has attracted a strong team of people who are actively working to deliver the Quinlan’s vision.


Ian Harling has been a great on-the-ground help to Deborah in the establishment phase of Quinlan’s. We are very fortunate to have Ian who is a passionate environmentalist with an amazing knowledge and appreciation of the special blend of fauna and flora that makes the Australian bush unique. 

Want to meet Ian and help out at Quinlan’s? He would love your help on any of a wide range of tasks he does when he is onsite at Quinlan’s or at project-specific working bee days. Just send an email to [email protected].

We've already notched up some significant achievements (often with the help of volunteers) at Quinlan’s including:

  • Planting 1000 Koala Food Eucalyptus species
  • Creating sign posted walking tracks throughout the 40 hectare property
  • Building the cobb Oven
  • Rebuilding the causeway
  • Regeneration works on Oakey Creek and rainforest gullies
  • Planting the Bush tucker garden
  • Planting the "Bird run" revegetation corridor
  • Developing a sustainable water supply



Fiona, QUINLAN’s Strategic Planner and project manager

Having moved to Brisbane, Fiona Darroch came on board as a volunteer with the AKF in September 2012, having been a long-term, but distant supporter. Working closely with Deborah (CEO), Fiona uses her professional Strategic Planning and Project Management skills to focus on delivering the Quinlan’s vision, including a five year Strategic Plan that has been approved by the AKF Board. As well as helping plan the Quinlan’s journey, Fiona relishes field trips to help out with on-the-ground Quinlan’s projects.

Fiona helping prepare the Quinlan’s “Bird Walk” - shovelling manure under cardboard mulch to condition the soil.