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Koala Protection Act

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Since our inception in 1986 the AKF has known that existing legislation does not stop trees from being cleared. We also know that all Koala problems stem from losing their homes. Now, the AKF is ready to go with the Koala Protection Act; a simple piece of national legislation that has been formulated by us in consultation with our legal teams in Australia and overseas.

It will focus on protecting trees, including habitats that are empty. Existing State and Federal legislation ironically focusses on the Koala itself, and the habitat is almost impossible to protect.

The AKF now has the precise list of trees covering the entire geographic range of the Koala. With the Koala Protection Act, we could argue that if those particular trees are present, then the answer to your application for development is NO. That is, unless you can prove that your actions will be benign to the landscape.

We believe that good industry leaders should not be threatened by such sensible legislation.

The reason we have been so clear about protection of the trees is because if you are a Koala and lose your home, you have nothing to eat, and you are lost, leaving you more susceptible to threats such as cars and dogs.

Worse still, did you know that industry can be given permits to ‘take’ a Koala? This means that a company can accidentally kill a Koala during their operations and be exempt from prosecution. This would not be allowed with the Koala Protection Act.

The AKF would also like to add to the Koala Protection Act a Duty of Care for the future in regards to climate change.



The Koala Protection Act will also insist that the Koala should be treated with immense respect, and that every single tree on the Australian landscape needs to be protected; not only for the Koalas, but the millions of other species living there, including humans. Remember: ‘No Tree No Me’.

The Australian Government needs to see Koalas as a national treasure, deserving of absolute protection and long term survival.

The Koala Protection Act is unassailable, and will see Koalas receive the highest level of protection of any animal species in Australian history. We are confident that other species around the world will benefit from our desire to protect the Australian forests.

The AKF was successful in arguing to the Federal Government that the Koala should be listed as ‘vulnerable’ in 2012. Since that time the federal laws have been weakened at the behest of industry. In 2022 the Koala was listed as ‘endangered’.

It is clear that existing federal legislation is incapable of providing the level of protection needed to save the Koala. Read about more about that here.

The Koala Protection Act is absolutely necessary. Help us make sure our federal politicians support its passing.

What can you do? Donate; Join the Koala Army today to help us fight for Koalas; Adopt a KoalaPlant a Tree.

Your contributions directly support our work to protect Koalas in the wild.

Support the Koala Protection Act

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