Tuesday 18th November, 2014: Koala Diplomacy

I have a new catchphrase “Koala Diplomacy”. It was coined by a BBC journalist in his wrap up of the G20 recently held in Brisbane.
The group were supposed to talk economics but really I think the most important thing to come out of it was a genuine discussion on climate change (as we sweltered in 45C weather over the weekend) and of course to see the world’s leaders smiling when they got up close and personal with a Koala.
So, I have written to President Obama and asked him to help. 
As I write this Diary I am just about to do an interview, (listen to interview here) the first of many I hope where I articulate that isn’t it just amazing that the first thing our Prime Minister does is cuddle a Koala, but does nothing to protect the trees for this fabulous and famous icon.
I have also sent out a date claimer to all conservation groups around the country for a two day briefing on the Koala Protection Act to be held in Brisbane on March 11 and 12. 
If you have been a long term campaigner, you can contact Dr. Douglas Kerlin and see whether you are eligible to join this top secret briefing.    
In 2015, the AKF will be full steam ahead encouraging and demanding more protection for the Koala via our Koala Protection Act. 
Fond regards & thank you
Deborah Tabart OAM
Chief Executive Officer

Australian Koala Foundation