9th May 2013

Yesterday, one of our long term supporters Colin popped into the office and talked about many things with me.  He is a wise and very curious man and as always I learnt a great deal from him.    The one line that resonated with me was that he thinks many of our leaders have the “arrogance of certainty”. I am still percolating on these words and over the coming weeks when I go bush for a little bit of quiet and reflection, I think I will find some of the nuances of what he said and how this arrogance, particularly from our political leaders has led to the death of thousands of koalas, animals and the forests of the world. 

A few weeks ago a bulldozer driver rang me and cautiously warned me that things in some forestry practices are not going well. Over the weeks that we have spoken he has told me that many koalas are being injured when blue gum plantations are being felled. Ironically, or not so ironically this is happening in the States where the Koala is not protected by our federal laws and they have open slather on how they can manage those plantations. That will not be allowed under our new Koala Protection Act and I can already hear the forestry industry bleating for “fairness”. Our legislation will have fairness and that will be to the forests and the animals that inhabit them. I also know too, that if I was running those forestry companies that our legislation would not affect their economic return and it is time that that arrogance of certainty is removed from their rhetoric.  
If the man is telling me the truth, one female with a joey fell from the tree and had a broken back. If this is true, then I can guarantee you that those responsible will be called to account. When the Koala Protection Act is tabled in our Parliaments, another Senate Inquiry will be needed and they will be called in to explain their behaviour. There is a growing strength in me that can only come, I think, from hearing and seeing so many dreadful things. Perhaps it takes a lifetime to resolve even one problem on this complicated planet and all I know is that my life’s work is to get a Koala Protection Act and nothing will stop me. I am starting to become more and more content with that because, as with all things, when one piece of the jigsaw puzzle fits into place, then others follow more easily. 
Quinlans;  in recent days, the AKF and I had the privilege of working with a world renowned photo journalist and she documented a tree planting for Harrolds Forest (thank you to all that have donated) and also our new fundraising initiative;  Boot Boxes for the and birds at Quinlans. We are calling the new planting at Quinlans – Bird Run because all the plants are to feed and encourage the beautiful native parrots of Australia. It will be spectacular when it is grown and the photos should be on the Quinlans website in a few days.
So I would love you to join our Bird Box campaign and the rules are: Find a pair of old work boots, decorate them and then write a small story of how many miles they have walked/run/travelled. Send them to us with a donation of $50.00 and we will put them up at Quinlans and voila – more biodiversity.



Joining the Koala Army is the next thing to do. As you know I am now the Commander in Chief of the Koala Army and as we proceed to K Day on September 14th (which happens to be a federal election), you will be told how you can help the Koalas of Australia. Even better buy the new fabulous T-shirts which have my favourite plant of all time on them, the Wattle, our emblem of Australia. Read Urbans Diary – he has given you key dates for action. 
The AKF is busier than ever and there never seems to be enough time in the day, but as always I cannot do it without you. Please give whatever you can for our mission to protect the Koala.
And finally even I have an arrogance of certainty and that is that there will be a Koala Protection Act, sooner than later.