9th December, 2014

AKF is getting ready for Christmas and in a few days, Matthew is going to send you a video that will show what an incredible year we have had with our team and our endeavours to save the Koala.
What I wanted to write about though, is that this week, I will be presenting at a Planning Assessment Commission in Gunnedah, in the middle of New South Wales where the AKF will make comment about our concerns for a mine that will destroy Koala habitat. It an area of Australia that is famous for the poetry written by Dorothea Mackellar who wrote the Wide Brown Land.  I think I have read verses in previous diaries. Now the Koala and the food bowl of the region is under threat from mining, drought and potential damage to aquifers. 
Dave, Doug and I worked on this document and have written the science in layman’s terms. Local farmers and other who want a more sustainable future have paid my way to attend but the scientific time of both Doug and Dave has been donated by you, our supporters.
I am so proud of what we have written and if you would like to donate to contribute to our costs I would be most appreciative. The document will be made public after my presentation on Thursday 11th November. I think you will be proud that you enabled us to be so open and frank. 
Mr Darcy is starting to wind up the year – getting a little cheeky I think, so you can see his news here.
Thank you all for buying your presents from our Shop and next year, we will have some new and exciting products for our regular shoppers. Still time in Australia to order the odd thing, but overseas you will have missed out.
So, until my video to you, enjoy the spirit of Christmas.  It does help to ensure that we think of the bigger things in life with peace and goodwill to all men.
I also want to say that our Founding Board Member, Dr. John Woolcock is currently in hospital and everyone here at AKF wishes him a speedy recovery.
Your prayers for him would be gratefully appreciated.  I could not imagine my life without Dr. John and his wisdom.  He has supported me personally in everything I think and do for the Koala.
Fondest regards,