5th September 2013

This weekend Australia goes to a Federal election and I am hoping that many people will think about the Koala on the day.  The Koala cannot vote and does not have a voice, but of course we do. 
I think most Australians are sick of the electioneering and want it over and done with. I feel I fall into that category too. There is no use going over past mistakes about what previous Governments did or did not do, we just have to accept  that there will be a new set of players next week and the AKF and our supporters will, as usual, provide them with evidence that the Koala needs their support.
In my previous Diary I articulated that our science is showing that only 13 electorates in the country have more than 1000 animals or more and whoever is the next Environment Minister in Canberra will need to understand our concerns. We will of course offer them our advice and hope it will be accepted. AKF is about solutions and we are confident we could lead the way for a sustainable future for the Koala.
But do our politicians really want a sustainable future or are they just about short term gains? I suppose we will see what the next mob has to offer over the coming months.   
I actually do have faith in the people and that they usually get it right, so I am looking forward to what our country decides for a future Government and I will then proceed with AKF strategy. And of course, that will be a Koala Protection Act.
Vote wisely is all I can say!
Regards as always