4th September 2012


Happy Save the Koala Month to everyone.  We hope you are out celebrating how much you love Koalas and in doing so, raise much needed funds for our work.  Remember, the AKF never takes any sort of Government grant or funds.  Your donations, gives us the power to speak for you and of course the Koala in its habitat.

We are also today, launching our National Koala Tree Protection List which identifies what we think Koalas are eating across their whole geographic range. Even I was gobsmacked (Australian word for floored), when I saw the length and breadth of research that Dave Mitchell, our Landscape Ecologist has been beavering away at for many months now.   For those in Australia, we now have the information you need to plant trees on your koala properties. For those overseas, you can be proud that through your donations, you have enabled us to gather this incredible body of work that should help to protect trees for the Koala.

In essence, this list of trees should be the definitive list for every developer, forester, road builder or just the average person at home who wants to help the Koala.   By and large if these trees are on the landscape, then presumably koalas are capable of living there. Sadly many of these habitats are actually empty, but with this knowledge, we can encourage and perhaps even insist that landholders take note of them and preserve them. A Koala Protection Act will be the way forward in that regard. 

Take some time to look at the document and marvel at the amount of work. Send Dave a message of thanks. Dave Mitchell, has been with the AKF for nearly 20 years. What he doesn't know about mapping, probably isn't worth knowing, so make a donation to help Dave keep at his most important work.  

Thanks as always and look forward to your comments as always.