30th November 2012

Christmas is nearly upon us and I do hope that you are ordering your gifts from our Catalogue.  If you haven’t received one, email us and we can send it out.

Since my last Diary a lot has happened, but I suppose mostly importantly what has happened is that I have gained greater and greater clarity on why and how a Koala Protection Bill must be introduced into our Parliaments and better still when it becomes a Koala Protection Act.
Over this last few weeks I have met with lawyers, and gained more certainty that we will be in a position to have a meaningful document to present and that no-one has anything to fear from its introduction.
Who could object to protecting the Koala?  As we know it isn’t as simple as that, but again clarity is coming and this Act will be “fair to good land owners and harsh on those that wish to destroy”.
It has actually been thrilling to listen to the legal language that will lead the way to this historic document and 2013 will be the time when we focus very clearly on where next.
Christmas is coming to the land down under and even though bulldozers will continue to destroy habitats, they will be slower so we can all enjoy the festive season.   Spring is here and it is wonderful to see nature at its best.  Baby birds, lots of snakes (read Mr. Darcy) and beautiful spring flowers.  I love it and we must all remember that the world is still a beautiful place.
I will, before Christmas write again, but will be taking most of January off to prepare for our biggest fight yet.
Keep your emails coming, I love them.