2nd July 2013

I am not exactly sure where to start with this diary because in recent times our Federal politicians have just turned our country upside down. Our Prime Minister was replaced overnight and the federal election which was due for 14th September is now up in the air. To be truthful our Parliament is looking more and more like a school yard.

So, why is this important for the Koala? Because the AKF is watching environmental laws that were even slightly effective now being diminished further and we fear that they will be watered down more and more when a new Government comes into power. It seems chaos to be frank and my my only focus is on a Koala Protection Act. The Koala needs you even more and I am confident you can play a vital role in helping to achieve that outcome.

I remember when I wrote a diary from Copenhagen at the Climate talks in 2009 that someone wrote to me and said that global warming wasn’t in my brief as the Koala Woman and I suppose many people would think that food security isn’t either.But, from where I sit, both of things are important because they do actually impact on the Koala.

When I visit anywhere in our country at the request of many that are trying to protect biodiversity, I always find that a “bigger picture problem” is always at play. Koala habitats are impacted by mining, coal seam gas, housing developments, farms, regrowth clearing, logging, roads and lack of water in our rivers.

So after 25 years, I feel I have the right to talk about larger issues and I will continue to do so more and more. We are the first NGO (of any size) to map a whole geographic range (KoalaMap)and better still have identified the tree species that are imperative for Koalas in each local government authority. A staggering $8m that has come from you, via donations, t-shirt sales, bequests and not one Government dollar in sight. And that is the way we want it. Our founding fathers knew that it was imperative to stay completely independent. 

It seems to me that the children in our parliaments that appear to be only concerned with their own personal survival are, as the old saying goes, fiddling while Rome burns. They seem completely unaware that there will be no job security unless there is planet security and daily we hear the scientists of the world tell us that things are not good for Mother Nature. 

There have been mass resignations of good long serving politicians that, I think, have just had enough because the noise of greed and power is so loud.They will be greatly missed and we look forward to new ones taking their place with fresh enthusiasm and vigour. It takes a lot to stay in for the long haul.  

AKF’s Act or Axe will keep an eye on each and every candidate as we head to an election and they will be sent letters to ask the very simple question “Will you support a Koala Protect Act?”. Yes or No.

If they say Yes, they will be given a Koala Claw and a No will show an Axe, the symbol that destroys trees. How people do not get that if you cut down the tree, the Koala is vulnerable is beyond me.

We need you more than ever – for donations, to join the Koala Army and better still keep an eye on your local politician.


Talk soon.