29th October 2013

Last night on TV, there was a follow up on the logging of plantations in Victoria. I warn you, some of the images of the Koala are just shocking and so sad.
This morning, I sent a strong message to the Minister for the Environment Mr. Greg Hunt saying that he, as Federal Minister needs to overview what is going on in that State, which of course does not have the Koala listed. I also made it clear to him that I believe the logging industry in Victoria successfully lobbied the then Federal Minister of the Environment, Mr. Tony Burke to not list the Koalas in Victoria. 
In the Senate Report and hearings, I saw all industry fear a listing and even with the person from the logging industry apologising for the deaths in this piece, the AKF has seen no contrition on control of activities except to say they would watch for Koalas and deliver them to carers if they were hurt.
AKF funded research which suggested that this industry needed to develop long range shelter belts in the plantation mosaic have been completely ignored and until they are implemented, the AKF can say that we have no faith in the political process to protect the Koala, nor do we have faith in any sort of audit process.
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