23th September 2011

The Senate Report is out and, as I have said in the ABC news clip, I am cautiously getting out the candles for the cake to celebrate.

That said, this large document needs to be read thoroughly. Although the Senators have been incredibly frank about the problems facing the koala, they have not said definitively that the koala should be listed nationally under Australian Federal laws (EPBC Act).

There is a small loophole which, in my opinion, could lead to the Minister (Minister Burke with his Shadow Minister's support) saying he will only list animals that are currently in peril. This means that some parts of the country would still be left unprotected.

This would not be good enough and we must stand strong and vigilant against this outcome.

I won't write more at this time. I want to read the report thoroughly and also get opinions from you and my scientific colleagues.

I would like to encourage you all to write to the Senators - they have done an amazing job. It is a definitive document that will stand the koala in good stead for a long time. Sadly it shows the complexities and the perils facing the koala.

In haste, Deborah