16th February 2012

As I predicted Minister Burke is postponing the decision to list the koala for a further 10 weeks.  

I’m sure you as global supporters see this as just another obstacle that we must overcome both as koala advocates and as one global community working towards a shared goal.

The intentions behind this decision are becoming clearer by the day. We shared a map with you highlighting 6 electoral seats located in koala habitat. Voters in these areas are eagerly awaiting the result of this decision, however, the math just doesn’t add up. In 10 week’s time the state election will be done and dusted leaving the dire predicament of the koala unaddressed yet again.

If I were to look into my crystal ball I’d see the Government list koalas in some areas as threatened and others as not. Koalas in forestry, mining and resource sectors could beleft unprotected and left to perish as thousands before them have tragically done. How can the life of one koala be valued over another? I challenge you to find an answer to that.

You can be confident that I have a clear strategy and in the meantime I’d be happy to discuss your ideas.  I can assure you that every koala in Australia needs protection and each one has the right to exist in our world regardless of the location of their habitat.

It is now more than ever we need donations and as always I value your advice and counsel.